Why Create a Blog?

Since I’ve started my first professional job since graduating college in August as a Marketing and Social Media intern, I’ve been trying to make my life more professional and trying to stand out more.

IMG_1530Once you actually can call yourself a professional, it’s like so many things change in your mind. For me, the mere excitement of starting my career in my field has launched a lot of change in my life.

This blog is one of those changes. Now, as a digital native, I have a lot of different blogs from many different periods in my life. I’m sure if I went through them all, I’d be impressed, embarrassed, and possibly bored. So, I wanted to start from scratch with all the knowledge that I have from my first few weeks of my internship.

I had the opportunity to look up blogs, twitters, and websites of people similar to me. Marketing and social media professionals who lived in Cleveland. I was inspired by many of the people I saw who were advanced in their careers, had a social media presence, and maintained a professional and social life. I basically made a list that blogging and tweeting was something I had to do.

Which brings up why I also started a Twitter. I’ve used Twitter in a number of ways, however I gave up having a personal twitter years ago. I almost regret just deleting it now that I have come into this field. What kind of social media professional doesn’t have a Twitter? However, I chalk it up to being inexperienced and just starting out. I also doubt that my old Twitter was very professional since I started it in high school (much like many of my old blogs).

So, this blog is to document the adventures of me trying to navigate this new adult life of mine. Please join me on this journey!

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