Thanksgiving, Christmas Trees, and 4 Year Anniversary!

So, there has been a lot going on these last couple weeks! I’ll start with Thanksgiving.

I went back to my mother’s house for the holiday. I did a lot of relaxing and eating good food. My mom literally makes the best food ever. I also got to visit my cousins which was great. My baby cousin, Andre, is so cute!

IMG_1744Brad and I also decided to have a Thanksgiving at home that weekend. We made a quick dinner and it was great (thanks to mom leftovers!).

It was nice to sit down to dinner together for the holiday. I loved getting to relax with Brad.

Ultimately, we both got to spend time with family and each other for Thanksgiving. What could be better!

I am so thankful for everyone in my life. I’m thankful for my mother who has raised me to be a pretty good person I think. She’s supported me my whole life and I owe my success to her! I’m also thankful for Brad who has been the best boyfriend I could ever ask for. Lastly, I’m thankful for my friends Aly, Erin, and Geneva who have all been friends with me for a long time! It’s great to have people in your life who are really there when you need it! I’m also thankful for everything else in my life. My health, my house, my car, my job, my internship.

And most importantly, myself. I may not be exactly where I want to be in life. But, I’m working hard to get there and hope that great things are coming soon. I have to believe that I am great and that I can do great things. I don’t do it enough to thank myself, so thanks Brittney!


We also decided to put our tree up which I was really excited about!

We bought this tree a year ago and bought pink lights and ornaments (because you know I love pink!). We also bought some stocking to hang up on the brick wall of our house (I’m sure you can guess which one is mine). And one of my favorite parts of the tree is the Bowling Green State University ornament we bought after my graduation. I hope we can collect a lot of special ornaments!

Lastly, our 4 year anniversary was Thursday, Dec 3rd. It was really great. We went to Bahama Breeze and it was my first time. The food was great, the drinks were great, and the company was the best! I can’t believe that we’ve been together for 4 years! I can’t wait for many more!IMG_1772

So, there’s an update on what’s been going on. It’s been a lot. Soon, Christmas shopping is coming up. I’ve also been interviewing for a new job! So, fingers crossed!

Hope to hear from you soon!



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