Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope everyone had a joy filled Christmas!

My Christmas was up, down, and all around. Most of the time, it was fun, relaxing, and I was happy to be with loved ones. Other times, I was stressed out, upset, or annoyed. But, I guess that’s holiday (or any day, really).

I’ll start wIMG_1833ith all the fun parts of the holidays. I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas with my family and Brad. I loved being home with my mom. We played games, relaxed, and opened gifts together.

I got some great gifts this year including gift cards, clothes, lotions, a flat-ironing brush, and a new touch screen laptop (which is also a part of the stressful part of the holidays.

Here is the Moffatt family Christmas tree filled with presents. I was happy to finally be able to buy gifts for people now that I’m working full time and not a poor college student. I loved seeing everyone open their gifts.

After Christmas, Brad and I went on his annual family Christmas skiing trip. Unfortunately, no snow means no skiing. So, we just traveled to New York for hiking, sight-seeing, and relaxation. We went to Stony Brook State Park to see beautiful waterfalls. We also visited Niagara Falls (for the second time this year!)

So, these experiences made Christmas fun and enjoyable. I’d say overall, it was a good Christmas. But, one terrible thing happened that nearly ruined Christmas for me and Brad.

On Christmas night after spending time with family, we arrive home and start to wind down the night. Of course, my sister and I are arguing while I’m trying to clean up. Next thing I know, the television falls down off the stand and onto my brand new laptop that I didn’t really get to use! Brad’s pissed, I’m in tears, everyone is shocked!

It was just one of those freak accidents. But, fortunately my laptop will be fixed soon. It works fine right now (I’m writing this blog on it!). The screen is just cracked and the touch screen component is kind of funky.

But, even with that happening and other things that tried to ruin the holidays, I still had a good one. This was the first Christmas I had living on my own, where I got to spend some with Brad, and was able to buy everyone gifts they enjoyed! I’m excited for the New Year!!!

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