My 23rd Birthday!

I have made it another year, and what a great year it’s been! I’ve accomplished so much and it was great to spend the weekend with friends and family. My birthday was Monday, February 8th. However, I celebrated the Saturday before. This is tspadayhe first birthday since 18 where I’ve been home. I’m usually in Bowling Green studying hard (hi mom! ;). So, I was excited to be with my friends from home this birthday and my fam.

The first part of my birthday celebration was spent with my wonderful mother. She treated me to a lovely spa day at Revelations Spa in Lakewood. We got an hour long massage, a manicure, and a pedicure! It was literally the best morning. I felt so relaxed and my nails looked amazing!

The second part of my celebration came at night. We got a room at the Aloft Hotel in downtown Cleveland. As someone who has never really planned a party, I have to say it was a bit frustrating. But, overall it was a fun night. Had a few friends over, a23bday2te, drank, danced. Then, we ventured out into the flats. We went to the Punch Bowl Social for the first time. We also tried some bars around downtown. Luckily, it wasn’t snowing out!

On my actual birthday, I spent the day at home relaxing. Unfortunately, I’ve had a sinus infection for about a week, so I figured I didn’t need to do any more partying. Overall, I had a fun birthday! Glad to see another one and hope to see many more!


***P.S.~ I almost forgot that Brad had a lovely present for me. 23bday3

He fixed up my vanity!!! Painted it white, bought a huge, beautiful mirror, wired star quality lights all for me! How awesome is this?!?!

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