Introducing Luna!

These last few weeks have been hard, busy, and anxiety inducing which is why it’s been almost a month since I have posted anything.

Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away last week. So, I traveled to Florida to see him (not knowing that would be my last time). Being home while my mother was in Florida was difficult but she’s finally home. So, things are looking up.

There has been a lot that I want to write about lately and I’m glad that I finally have the time. The first thing that I needed to post about was the adorable addition to my family. Our beautiful little Savannah kitten, Luna! IMG_1952.JPG

We got her in January from a breeder and are so in love! This is my first time owning a pet that wasn’t a goldfish. I will admit that it’s taken me some time to get used to having a kitten. The decision was mostly Brad’s to get a cat. His parents have had pets all his life and he just couldn’t wait to get one of his own.

Although I was hesitant, I couldn’t imagine life without Luna now! Raising a cat has a lot of rewards like getting cuddles and teaching her new things. I find myself missing her and worrying about her just like a mother (of a human child). She’s funny and sweet and loves meeting new people. She also loves being pet and snuggling up next to you on the couch.

For Valentine’s Day, I started a scrapbook so we can remember her as a kitten since she’s growing up so fast! She’ll be four months soon and we got her at 10 weeks old! Everyday, I see her growing and changing and doing more things. I’m excited to be a cat parent many years to come.

Luna has also inspired me to get back into my past love of video editing! So, there will be some fun stuff coming soon!!!

Have a great week,


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