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Anyone who know me, knows that my dream job (besides working at Alternative Press Magazine) is to be an entrepreneur. I want to start and run my own business.

This has been my dream since I was very young. My mother has run her own business for years. Seeing her ignited my passion. When I was in college, I took entrepreneurship classes which gave me a lot of perspective and ideas. I’ve bounced around with different ideas for a while.

Finally, I am seeing an idea of mine come to life. I love marketing (that’s why I do it everyday). So, the idea of starting my own marketing company has really excited me lately. The thought of being able to do what I love for my own company is really great.

That’s how Maria Marketing Management came about (Maria is my middle name). I’m glad to finally debut it and get serious about it.

For now, the company is starting as just me freelancing. I’m going to start with helping people market themselves through resumes and possibly business cards. I will also start offering social media and content marketing services for small businesses.

The big goal is to have a full service marketing company of my own with other members on my team. I would like to one day have an office and really help as many people as I can through my services and staffing.

One really unique thing about my business is that it will be geared toward women businesses. I’ve always loved the idea of being able to help other women be successful. Of course, I will help all businesses when I start but my target customer will be female entrepreneurs.

So, if you know anyone who needs help with their resume, social media, or other content creation (ex. blogging). Please send them my way!

Here’s where you can find out more about my new adventure!

Website –

Facebook –¬†

Twitter – @MariaMarketingM

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