Drunk Mixology | Easy Cocktails to Make In A Home Bar

easy cocktails to make in a home bar drunk mixology

What happens when you put two girls, 4 glasses of wine, and ingredients to make cocktails in the same room? You get two wannabe bartenders who can barely open a bottle let alone make a delicious drink!

Even though the only cocktails we’ve ever made are just chasers after a shot, we managed to make some pretty tasty drinks with some common items you could have in your own home bar! So take a break from being an ambitious career woman and check it out!

Drunk Mixology | Easy Cocktails to Make in a Home Bar

We made a delicious concoction that deserves a name! Make it for yourself and see what you’d name it! Tag #ATBDrunkMixology in your photos or videos and let’s give this drink a proper name.

Have you created any fun cocktails that I should try? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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