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How I Make Money From My Blog

*This post contains affiliate links which means I get a commission from purchases made through the provided links*

Lately, I’ve been asked a lot about how my blog is profitable. I’m not a blogging guru (in a teaching way), so I don’t talk a lot about it. But, since this blog is about guiding women — primarily with a focus on career and money — I thought I’d get real with you about it.

There are several ways that I make money with my blog. Keep in mind that some are more profitable than others, some require more work than others, and some don’t even require having a blog! So, if you’re looking to bring in cash just by using your online presence and not the whole writing thing, then this post is also for you!

Creating My Blog

I created my blog using WordPress. I’ve dabbled in WordPress in the past, so when I decided to create According to Brittney, I knew exactly where to go. I love how easy it is to use. I also love how in-depth and customizable everything is.

My site is hosted using Siteground. Deciding which host to use can be overwhelming since there are so many options. After using Siteground for 6 months, I’m glad that I chose them. My website has been running smoothly, plus the customer service is amazing. They’re quick to help with any problems and even checked up on me after the first few weeks. Siteground also transferred my site for free! It was fast and easy.

For the Theme, I use Vogue by Kaira. It’s a customizable theme that had everything I needed, so no complaints there. I also received quick responses to my questions if I had them. Good customer service is the best in my book!

Making Money

Google Ads

Google Ads is probably one of the easiest ways I make money (which is why I don’t make a whole bunch). Basically, with Google Adsense, I get paid when people view my site. So, this means that I have to get lots of traffic to my site in order to be profitable. But, doing things like writing this post, publishing, and promoting it are making money for me.

Affiliate Programs

Another way I make money on According to Brittney is by signing up for affiliate programs. Basically, I use my blog to promote a company or product. If a reader likes that company and decides to make a purchase through my link, I get a commission. I use Share-a-Sale, which I like so far, since I made my first sale in about a month! Here are the programs that I am a part of: Dollar Tree, Fashionmia, Gazelle, and Entirely Pets. I try to pick and promote brands that are relevant to me and my audience or brands that I actually use. It’s the best way to get people to buy a product from you (no one likes spammy).

Sponsorship programs

The last way I make money is through sponsorships. Currently, I’m part of a pretty cool program called Heartbeat. It’s connects influencers to products based on their profile. The more followers you have, the more money you make. Their payout’s are pretty good compared to the others because I just have to promote without having to make anyone look at my blog or social media. However, the products aren’t very consistent and come about every few weeks.

I’ve also gotten sponsorship opportunities out of my affiliate programs and through finding brands on my own. I basically promote a product to my followers and get paid! Have a product you’d like to promote? Head to my Work With Me page to learn more!

Other Tools

Lyft is pretty cool because you can become an ambassador. I get some links and codes to give out to people so they get free credits or driver bonuses while I also make some cash! Want some Lyft credits? Click here! Want to drive for Lyft? Use this link to get a $350 bonus!

I just recently learned about using my Air BNB referral code to make some money. Air BNB is a site where people around the world can rent out their homes to others for cheap. Speaking from experience, it saves a ton of money, plus you get to stay somewhere nice and live like a local!

I’m also a longtime Paypal customer, and mostly just use it to make purchases. Recently, however, I discovered that I can use it to make invoices and get paid for my work! Plus, it’s all free! Want to make a quick $5? Sign up from Paypal yourself using my referral link! Then send out your link to get more monies!

That’s a lot of info but that’s basically how I do it. Running a blog is challenging. The money isn’t always consistent and just starting out seems like forever. But, I’m doing something that I love. When you do something you love, the money will come. Hope these tips helped!

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