Fill Your Summer with Romance | 8 Date Ideas

summer date ideas

We’re halfway through summer but there is still time to enjoy the warm weather with someone you love! Get romantic and creative with these fun summer date night ideas.

Beach picnic

I love this idea because my boyfriend and I do this pretty often. He sets up a grill and cooks us up some barbecue. I get some quiet time to read and relax (since there’s no wifi for blogging). Picnics are great because they combine food and relaxation.

If you do a beach picnic, you can spend some time in the water before you eat. Also, there is nothing prettier or more romantic than watching the sunset over the water.

summer date ideas

Walk Around Your City

Cleveland is such an exciting city with so much going on! I love just taking a walk with my guy when we just can’t figure out what to do. You never know! You may run into a new restaurant you want to try or a festival you didn’t even know was going on.

Even if you don’t find something to do. Walking is better exercise than sitting on the couch. Plus, my boyfriend and I always have the best talks when we’re just taking a walk. Nothing beats it!

Patio Bar/Restaurant

Summer means that there is more to do outside! Soak up the sun and a good meal by finding the best patio in your city. Even just sitting at an outdoor bar and having a drink is a fun idea that doesn’t require a lot of money or time.

Invite another couple out and make it a double date! Who doesn’t love food, drinks, and spending time with their significant other!

Boat Ride

We are very fortunate to have a boat in the family! I can’t think of anything more relaxing than stretching out on the pontoon and cuddling into a nap. Not to mention snacks, drinks, games, and riding around.

Don’t have a boat? Look around your city for one! If you leave near a beach there may be boat rental available. There are even some pretty cool boats in Cleveland that are perfect for date nights, try the Goodtime or the Nautica Queen.

Day at the Pool

When in Vegas, we spent so much of our day at the pool. Why? Because we had so much fun! Swimming around and play fighting then lounging on a chair with a nice drink and some appetizers (you may notice that I like eating and drinking) is one of my favorite things to do.

Does your city have a neighborhood pool? Then throw on your bathing suit and stay cool in the water.

summer date night

Road Trip Getaway

Does your city have not much going on or you just want to venture out? Get in your car and take your date elsewhere! My college town didn’t always have the most romantic locations. So, we’d drive a couple towns over to find something to do.

You could even make a weekend of it and get a hotel room for the night! Extended romantic getaway date? I think yes!

Music Festival

Obviously, this is like my go-to date because I love music and concerts. But, it really is a great date night. Some music paired with (you guessed it) food and drinks can make for a fun and romantic night.

Outdoor concerts and festivals are happening all over! See what your favorite band is up to this summer, grab your boyfriend, and go!

summer date night

Carnival/Fair Date

You see this date on like every sitcom but that’s because it’s includes all the best things about a date. A cozy ride, a chance to win prizes at crazy games, and (let’s be honest) carnival food is seriously the best.

Look at your town’s website for upcoming events. Head to the carnival for a silly and interesting date.

Well, I think we can agree that basically anywhere there is food and drinks makes a good date! But seriously, what fun summer dates are your favorite? Comment below.

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  • Such a fun idea for a blog post roundup. This has me thinking about my favorite date nights… & what else we should add to the mix! I’m actually terrified of water but have been wanting to try the Nautica Queen. Maybe it’ll help me get over my fear?!

    • Brittney Moffatt

      I haven’t been on the nautica queen in a while! You don’t even feel like you’re on the water, so that might be a good first step! 😊