cover letter writing tips

Hire Me: Writing a Cover Letter that Impresses

It's time for you to write the dreaded cover letter. The place where you have to dust off the old writing skills, brag about all your business accomplishments, and hope it doesn't sound weird. It's one of the few places you get to impress a potential employer and get that job you've been longing for! So, it's up to you to do it! While a cover letter may seem like a daunting document to write, it's the perfect place to tell your career story to a future employer. You get paragraphs to explain anything on your resume that you want...Read More
organized wardrobe needs

Top 4 Items Every Organized Wardrobe Needs

Does your closet look like a nightmare? An organized wardrobe requires the right tools. So, Michelle Zillman, from the Handbag Hanger, is offering some tips on how to keep your closet looking perfect! Slimline Velvet Hangers Flat out, one of the best changes you can make to your wardrobe. These hangers are everywhere right now – just about every $2 shop and on-line discount store offers them, and there’s a very good reason for their popularity. Their flat shape means that by swapping your hangers to these, you could actually gain up to 1/3 more space in your closet, and...Read More
self love guide social media

The Self-Love Survival Guide: Social Media

Not only has social media been linked to envy and unhappiness in women, but countless magazines and advertisements have also been criticized for advocating unhealthy and unrealistic standards of beauty and success. As a young model, I've seen a lot of these tactics first hand. I've had to learn some tips when it comes to practicing self-love, especially when surrounded by "perfect" images on social media. Be selective and picky when choosing the people that surround your life. My mom always said, “Be as picky with your friends as you are with the clothes you wear, because the people that...Read More
credit card and credit scores millennial

The Millennial Guide to Understanding Credit

At the tender age of 22, I went to a dealer to buy my first car! Such excitement, right? Well, it was exciting until I realized I had no credit which means getting the car I wanted in my price range would be a lot tougher. The more I write and learn about millennials, the more I see that I am not the only one who does not understand credit. Many millennials don't know how to apply for credit cards, how to check their credit score, or even what a credit score means! So, for all of you who don't...Read More
Makeup Look For Millennials In A Hurry With 3 Products

Makeup Look For Millennials In A Hurry With 3 Products

*This post includes affiliate links. This means that I receive a commission if a purchase is made using my links at no cost to you!* My boyfriend has literally dragged me out of the bed on numerous occasions when I've refused to leave the bed and leave myself with only minutes to get ready for the day. This obviously doesn't leave me a whole lot of time to do a full face of makeup. Anyone else relate to this situation? I'm going to take a wild guess that you do. A lot of us are stuck in our beds way...Read More
bold beauty shoe me shoes

Bold Beauty: Shoe Me Shoes

*This post is sponsered, meaning I was paid to talk about this product, but my opinions are my own* Like many women, I care a lot about the shoes I wear. Like clothes, your shoes express a part of who you are. You can present a certain image with your shoes. For me, I like to present a certain sense of style, professionalism, and a little uniqueness with my shoes. I was so excited when I ran into this lovely shoe brand, Shoe Me who carries a line of unique and bold shoes for ladies who are looking for something...Read More
Chill Out Tips for Stressed Millennial Women

Chill Out: 10 Tips for Stressed Millennial Women

*This post contains affiliate links. This means that if a purchase is made using my link, I get a commission. At no additional cost to you!* I don't know about you, but I am stressed the F out. I'm kicking but at work, then kicking butt on According to Brittney. All while still trying to maintain a social life, network and connect with other business friends, and nurture a long-term relationship with my cat - oh, and boyfriend. So, where does that leave time for me? Well, it really doesn't. I can't tell you the last time I did something...Read More
how to find a career you love

How to Find a Career You Love

Can you imagine what life would be like if your Monday to Friday was just as enjoyable as the weekend (well almost!)? If you were inspired, challenged and passionate about your career? Perhaps you’ve known for a while that you’re in the wrong job but feel stuck as you don’t know what the alternative could or should be. A meaningful and happy career comes from finding the sweet spot where your skills and strengths are used to produce work you believe in - and get paid adequately for. But what if you’re not clear on your natural talents or what...Read More
how to flirt in a long term relationship

How to Flirt in a Long Term Relationship

Butterflies when he looks at you, the pitter-pat of your heart at the thought of him and the excitement of receiving a good morning text knowing you were the first thing on his mind. When all you did was flirt like two excited teenagers in puppy love. All of that is a distant memory! What happened and where did that spark go? It didn’t go anywhere, we just grew comfortable. Although the thrill and excitement of a brand new relationship has faded, something better has come. To be honest, I like our stage of the relationship now. I can just...Read More
summer date ideas

Fill Your Summer with Romance | 8 Date Ideas

We're halfway through summer but there is still time to enjoy the warm weather with someone you love! Get romantic and creative with these fun summer date night ideas. Beach picnic I love this idea because my boyfriend and I do this pretty often. He sets up a grill and cooks us up some barbecue. I get some quiet time to read and relax (since there's no wifi for blogging). Picnics are great because they combine food and relaxation. If you do a beach picnic, you can spend some time in the water before you eat. Also, there is nothing...Read More