easy cocktails to make in a home bar drunk mixology

Drunk Mixology | Easy Cocktails to Make In A Home Bar

What happens when you put two girls, 4 glasses of wine, and ingredients to make cocktails in the same room? You get two wannabe bartenders who can barely open a bottle let alone make a delicious drink! Even though the only cocktails we've ever made are just chasers after a shot, we managed to make some pretty tasty drinks with some common items you could have in your own home bar! So take a break from being an ambitious career woman and check it out! Drunk Mixology | Easy Cocktails to Make in a Home Bar https://youtu.be/70xS2gkOudQ We made a...Read More
takes new york

ATB Takes New York | Travel Vlog

Did I mention how much I love traveling? We had so much fun exploring New York City! The beautiful city had so many sights. Watch us adventure through Times Square, Central Park, Coney Island and more! Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more videos! ATB Takes New York | Travel Vlog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFC00PafO1w [mailerlite_form form_id=2]

I’d Rather Be In Arizona: A Recap of #8123Fest

It finally happened. I went to Arizona to see The Maine! My 16 year old self would be jumping up and down or in pure disbelief. When I was young (and naive), I wanted to go to ASU and live in Phoenix so I can stay current in The Maine news and events. Obviously that didn't happen (Sorry 16 year old Brittney), but visiting Arizona was just as satisfying as living there! Brad and I had so much fun! Our first day in Arizona, we decided to drive up to Sedona to do some hiking. We got really lucky with...Read More

I Never Got Over Emo Phase

We all did it. We all wore our hair over our entire face, had a stack of skinny jeans to the ceiling, had more band shirts than days of the week, blasted alternative and screamo music until our eardrums bled, and spent money on concerts like it was our job. Now, that I'm an adult, I feel like a lot of that hasn't changed. Fortunately, I enjoy showing my face instead of covering it with hair (Even if I have blue extensions). I've also removed my edgy lip piercing from back in the day. But, when it comes to music,...Read More

10 Years of The Maine

In 2008, I was 16 years old and still trying to figure out who I was. At this age, there's so much pressure to be or like certain things. Especially for young girls. I feel like at spent my whole life trying to be someone I wasn't to fit in at school. That's when I discovered The Maine. I remember stumbling upon them on Myspace like it was yesterday. It may sound silly, but it was really a defining moment in my life. Being a fan of The Maine has lead me to some of my favorite artists, my love...Read More

My Favorite Emo Christmas Songs

I haven't talked too much about my emo side on this blog. You can find one of my best emo pieces on the Odyssey (which I should probably also include on ATB). Anyway, being emo was great in high school. The music, the clothes, the hair really just made it all worthwhile. Now in my twenties, my style has (somewhat) evolved away from my emo phase. But, I still love the music to this day. In the spirit of Christmas, I decided to tell you about some of my favorite Christmas songs from back in my emo days, that I...Read More

APMAS and Warped Tour 2016!

One thing I love more than anything is music and I'm happy to say that I've had a fun week filled with music that I love. I attended the Alternative Press Music Awards with Brad and we had a blast. This is the second time I've attended and Alternative Press never disappoints. The show was filled by performances by some amazing bands including my all time favorite, The Maine! I've loved the Maine since I was 16. So, I was so excited when I learned they'd be performing this year. We got to Columbus early so we could be there...Read More