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man and woman assistant
I Hired My Husband as My Assistant for the Day!

I know how lucky I am to be one of the entrepreneurs with a supportive spouse! It makes running my business so much easier. In

Why We Love the Great Big Home and Garden Show

I received complimentary tickets to the Great Big Home and Garden show and tickets to giveaway to my followers. As always, opinions are my own.

Drunk Mixology | Easy Cocktails to Make In A Home Bar

What happens when you put two girls, 4 glasses of wine, and ingredients to make cocktails in the same room? You get two wannabe bartenders

ATB Takes New York | Travel Vlog

Did I mention how much I love traveling? We had so much fun exploring New York City! The beautiful city had so many sights. Watch

I’d Rather Be In Arizona: A Recap of #8123Fest

It finally happened. I went to Arizona to see The Maine! My 16 year old self would be jumping up and down or in pure

I Never Got Over Emo Phase

We all did it. We all wore our hair over our entire face, had a stack of skinny jeans to the ceiling, had more band

10 Years of The Maine

In 2008, I was 16 years old and still trying to figure out who I was. At this age, there's so much pressure to be

My Favorite Emo Christmas Songs

I haven't talked too much about my emo side on this blog. You can find one of my best emo pieces on the Odyssey (which

APMAS and Warped Tour 2016!

One thing I love more than anything is music and I'm happy to say that I've had a fun week filled with music that I