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The Millennial Side Hustle Series: Brittny Pierre

Writing is a wonderful side hustle because the skill is very much in demand! No matter what industry you're in, you have to have a basic level of writing. Even if it's just writing a proper email! I got the great opportunity to talk with Brittny Pierre who runs a blog called Pierre Into My Life. She uses her writing skill to fill the growing demand for writers in various fields. What's your day job/primary hustle? I’m a project manager for professional development in education. What's your side hustle? My side hustle is founder and Editor in Chief of Pierre...Read More
part time passionista millennial side hustle series

Millennial Side Hustle Series: The Part Time Passionista

Okay, I totally made that name, Passionista, up on the spot. But, if kind of fits, right? Anyway, here's something new and cool I'm doing - The Millennial Side Hustle Series! This series is going to focus on the ambitious millennials who manage two or more gigs! The people who get stuff done, not only in their day job, but on their passion projects, as well! In this series, I'm going to be interviewing awesome people who are killing it all around. There will be more details to come soon. But, to get started, I'm going to tell you about...Read More