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Content Creation Academy

Content Creation Academy



Education and support for women on a mission to grow their visibility, audience and influence online.


You’re a woman with heart and hustle who is ready to build the business of your dreams. If only you could expand your impact online to find your people, build a tribe, and grow your brand like crazy.


With Content Creation Academy, you can.


With the skills you’ll learn through the Academy, hand-on expert accountability plus an exclusive membership community full of women just like you, you’ll have everything you need to master your content!


Content Creation Academy for Entrepreneurs

You’ll fit right in if…

You’re ready for more VISIBILITY.

You could have the best content in the world, but without the right strategy to make it visible, your magic will be lost among the internet clutter. Our community will be focused on helping your content rise above the noise and get seen by the right people, at the right time.

You’re ready to expand your AUDIENCE.

Ever heard the phrase, “your network is your net-worth?” We’re going to take that principle to a whole new level online and massively expand your online network. In the Academy, learn how to grow your audience through my tried-and-true strategies, plus ask questions as you go through the exclusive community.

You’re ready to grow your INFLUENCE.

When you combine visibility and credibility, you get influence. At CCA, we know you’re destined to be more than just a content creator. We want you to be a leader in your field who creates progress and growth through an influential online presence.

Now imagine the possibilities for your brand in 2018 with more visibility, audience and influence. I hope you are excited as I am, because this year we’re doing it big.

YES, you can have…

More engagement and followers on social media.
Epic content that stands out above the noise.
Thought leader status in your industry or niche.
Support and feedback from other entrepreneurs.
A growing business supported by strategic content.

No really. You can! And let me tell you the best part: you can do all of this without a big scary investment. Content Creation Academy memberships start at just $97 per month… and you can start right now.



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More than an online course or membership, CCA is a hand-on membership where you are kept accountable to create a content calendar monthly. Plus you have access to a vault of online resources, trainings, and a supportive community of new friends.

When you enroll at CCA, you’re not getting access to a handful of lessons. You’re getting a content expert who helps you create a content strategy and implement it. You’ll never get bored or stuck with outdated material like in other online programs or classes. Instead, you’re getting access to a collection of info created just for you, plus monthly content calendar review by yours truly: Brittney!



Brittney Moffatt Content Creation

Hi! I’m your host, Brittney Moffatt, and content has upleveled my life.

I created CCA because I know from experience that an online presence can take you from “wantrepreneuer” to “entrepreneuer.”

In fact, I’ve used content to grow my own business as a successful Social Media Marketer. And, I’ve created an authentic and engaged tribe in my Facebook group, Content Marketing for Women Entrepreneurs.

Great content has opened BIG doors for me, and it can do the same for you too!


Here’s everything you get as a student in Content Creation Academy.

  • A content calendar that is reviewed every month to help you stay on top of your content and get your message out to your people
  • A vault of digital resources. Learn how to create better content, improve your social media presence, and blow up your brand.
  • Access to a private Facebook community full of entrepreneurial women, good vibes, and more exclusive education content.

And, for a limited time, your enrollment will give you access to my 10-day Content Creation Challenge! You’ll get a collection of daily tasks and worksheets to help you truly kickstart your social media content into high gear.

The challenge is the perfect way to start on your journey to a bigger and better audience, more visibility, and and online influence.

Don’t take my word for it? See what Content Creation Academy students are saying.



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Content Creation Academy 3Content Creation Academy 4


Join the Content Creation Academy Crew (#CCACrew for short) and transform your content!





The Enrollment Process

When you hit “Enroll,” you’ll be taken to PayPal, a secure online payment platform.

You’ll easily set up a subscription account that handles your membership for you!

You’ll receive an Email to complete your registration, pick a username (like TheBestBossBabe or something) and finally login to the classroom!

You’ll get added to the exclusive Facebook community for students of CCA and have access to the monthly content calendar and resources to help you get started!

That’s it! Then you start learning and growing at your own pace, connecting with other women in the group, and staying up to date on the latest trends in content and social media.

The Money Stuff

Your monthly payments will be automated through PayPal so you never have to worry about keeping up with your tuition. This is a secure payment platform and your information is 100% safe! And, you can cancel your membership at any time, for any reason. Just fill out a short request.

The Content Calendar Stuff

Creating a content calendar can be kind of daunting. But, don’t worry! I’m here to help and have tons of resources available for strategy! You have until the 15th to create your calendar, once you’ve filled out all the content for the month. You email it to Brittney for review. In 72 hours, you’ll have feedback that will help you create your content based on your new strategy and calendar! Yes, this is every month you’re a member, you have someone ensuring you have content created every month!

In other words… I got you.

CCA is perfect for you if…

You’re an entrepreneurial babe with good vibes and a business that is ready to succeed.
You know you need social media and content to grow, but you’re not quite ready to hire a professional.
You’re ready to put in the work to learn, ask questions, and participate in a community of other entrepreneurial women.

We might not be besties if…

You don’t like boss babes, business, and success. (But honestly, that sounds crazy!)
You would rather just hire someone else to do your content and social media. (If that’s the case, read about my services).
You’re expecting instant, magic results but don’t want to invest the time and energy to make it happen.

The #CCACrew is waiting for you! Join us!


Content Creation Academy


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