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90 Social Media Prompts Workbook


The 90 Social Media Prompts Workbook is created to help you stop spacing out in front of the keyboard trying to think of what to say on social media! Use these prompts to kickstart your ideas and actually get your creativity rolling! You will fill out your content calendar in no time! Oh – did I mention the content calendar? Yes, a content calendar is included in this workbook! In this workbook, you will receive:

  • 90 Social Media Prompts
  • Content Calendar for Brainstorming
  • Info on how to Use Both!

Happy Writing!


How much time have you wasted staring at your computer trying to figure out what to write on social media? Probably way too much! That’s why you need the 90 Social Media Prompts Workbook.

This workbook is going to get your creativity flowing so you can create content that your audience will love!

This 16-page workbook does not only give you 90 prompts to spark ideas, but also a content calendar! You can start brainstorming your ideas right in the workbook!

Time to stop the stall on your content and start spreading your message!

What Others Are Saying

“[Brittney Oddo] is the best!! She made me a strategy for social media and [the strategy] changed the whole game for me” – Shayra Ramon, Brand Strategist

“I have a bit of my groove back! I have one week of social media posts scheduled! Thank you.” – Kathy Cruz, Retail Consultant


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